Recommended Viewing: African Film Festival in London

On now and until next Sunday is The Royal African Society's Annual Film Festival (as its protracted official title would have it). Pity there's no format information available online, but an opportunity to rewatch the likes of Touki Bouki, La Noire de..., or Borom Sarret from 35mm would make me a very happy cinephile indeed. Some further viewing recommendations: Mille Soleils (Mati Diop), Osuofia in London (Kingsley Ogoro), Tey (Alain Gomis), and the recent features of Mahamat-Saleh Haroun (Darratt, Un homme qui crie, Grisgris). There's two further films by Alain Gomis, though I haven't yet had the chance to see them (Andalucia and L'Afrance). This also applies to A batalha de Tabatô (João Viana) and Mother of George (Andrew Dosunmu), two films that garnered quite some critical attention (from all the right places) when they premiered this year in Berlin and Park City respectively. Moussa Touré's La Pirogue, even though it didn't quite convince me upon first viewing (its topical urgency notwithstanding), might be deserving of a second look, and a friend of mine known for his emphatic disposition has hailed Jean-Pierre Bekolo's Le président a "resplendent masterpiece": why not believe him? This programme, curated by Francis Gooding, of colonial-era films from British archive collections too strikes me as a must-see. I'll be there.

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